Prema is a Clinical Medical Herbalist, Clinical Medical Nutritionist, and a Flower Essence Practitioner at The Evergreen Center Clinic at CSCH. She is the founder of prema + wellness an all inclusive wellness practice located in Old Town Lafayette, Colorado. She holds certifications as a Birth Doula + Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Energy Healer with various healing modalities, Yoga Nidra Teacher and is also a Culinary Nutritionist and Personal Chef.

Prema’s journey began with her own health complications.  After years of suffering from a rare blood disorder, she was told by the top oncologist at Dana Farber Hospital and John Hopkins Hospital that there was no cure, no medicine except for coumadin for the rest of her life.   She refused to accept that as her only choice, and she was determine to find a better quality of life.  She made the decision and chose to live a more holistic lifestyle.  She was determined, while it was not an easy journey, many helped her along the way. 

Prema sought out the finest Culinary Chefs for their expertise.  They took her under their wings, shared their passion and it was in that moment she learned how to use food as medicine.  She healed herself from a rare blood disorder.  When there was no hope she found hope.  During this journey she also developed stage 3 melanoma cancer and within 20 days she had two successful surgeries.  As a cancer survivor of a rare blood disorder and melanoma, food became her medicine, faith became her strength, and determination became her inspiration.  

Since beginning her botanical, nutritional and clinical journey, Prema has experienced a huge transformation in her relationship with food. After nine years in remission and struggling with a restrictive diet, she has learned how to cook flavorful meals with limited ingredients.  A painful experience brought Prema a beautiful blessing, and an inspiration to share it. She is passionate about educating others, while helping them feel supported during a food elimination process.

As a Culinary Nutritionist and Personal Chef, Prema is passionate about using food and herbs as medicine. She loves to teach and cook vibrant, delicious, nourishing foods   Prema offers private culinary classes and education, label education, meal preparation, shopping education and pantry organization. She specializes in supporting the microbiome, educating and supporting food intolerances | sensitivities, elimination diets, healing trauma, rare disorders, deep soul healing, flower essence + spagyric alchemy, fertility, preconception nourishment and preparation, birth and postnatal education and services.

Prema offers women’s wellness and self-care community gatherings in her private practice.  As a Flower Essence + Spagyric Alchemist, she shares the wisdom and healing energy the plant kingdom offers to those wanting to dive deeply in their healing journey.  Prema is passionate about healing the mind-body-soul-gut as a whole and offers support to individuals suffering from infertility, birth and postnatal trauma, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, insulin resistance, lyme disease, rare disorders and cancer survivors.

Prema is passionate about deep soul healing and offers services to any gender interested in healing on a very deep soul level.  She also works very deeply with couples or individuals who have suffered from a previous trauma, birth or postnatal trauma.   Prema offers Divine Baby Blessings to those who are wanting to conceive, are pregnant or adopting.  She offers private birth education classes and helps women prepare emotionally and spiritually for their birth.  She teaches ancient practices that help mothers connect deeply with their baby.  Prema specializes in helping women achieve optimal health prior to conception and the delicate postnatal transition and beyond.   

Prema celebrates her life and all of her dietary sensitivities. She inspires others to practice self-care, to celebrate their sensitivities and to live a harmonious lifestyle.  Prema finds joys exploring the beauty and blessings that Mother Nature offers.  She enjoys being deeply immersed in nature and silence.  She is passionate about helping those in need, especially cooking nourishing meals for the homeless.  Prema is a mother of three adults and has two grandchildren that are the love of her life. 

We invite you to feel deeply nurtured and supported in your journey to vitality.

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